Summer Camp Curriculum

Summer Camp Program – $1550.00

(ages 5-18) – (Children and Teen Curriculums must be purchased to obtain the Summer Camp Program)


~ Program Description ~ 

This is not a curriculum, but a program guide with themes, daily schedules, letters, samples, supplies, expense sheets, and everything you need to profit big and run your camps successfully. We have done all the work for you! This will most likely prove to be your most most profitable investment!

The purchase of the Children and Teen Curriculums are required to purchase the Summer Camp Program. You will then be able to run a full day week-long summer camp program. Curriculums must be purchased before or at the same time that you purchase the Summer Camp Program.

You will receive schedules, themes, activities, check lists, marketing material, resources, props, games, DVDs, and class supplies to run your summer camp program successfully and profitably. A.E.P. provides unlimited telephone and email support.

The Ballroom Dance Curriculum can be purchased for an additional $1550. This curriulum will teach the the foundations of teaching 3 dances to your summer camp students. It includes the etiquette of dance. You will find that adding Ballroom Dance Instruction to your summer camp will increase your enrollment tremendously. The purchase of this curriculum, along with the purchase of the Summer Camp Program includes an additional half-day to a full-day training at our certification event to prepare you to instruct your students in dance.

Most Programs are Ready-to-Ship!