Teen Etiquette


Improve Your Image Sharpen Your Social Skills
Possess A Positive Attitude Increase Your Confidence

Each Class Includes: Etiquette Instruction,
Workbook Materials, and a Multi-Course Tutorial Dinner

Session I, II, and II are taught in our week-long Summer Etiquette Camp for Teens

Session I
Making Friends Conversational & Communication Skills
Impressive Telephone Manners How to Make Proper Introductions and
Handshakes Avoiding Peer Pressure Meeting, Greeting and Treating
Others Speaking in Public without being Nervous Dining Survival
Restaurant Dining Savvy American & Continental Styles of Eating
Dining with Ease Eating Difficult Foods Navigating the Place Setting

Session 2
Movie and Theater Etiquette Friendship and Family Relationships
Dating & Meeting Parents with Ease Host & Guest Duties School,
Church, and Meeting Manners Remembering Names Travel Etiquette,
Dress Codes and Wardrobe Know How Oriental Dining and Tea
Etiquette Eating with Chopsticks

Session 3
Techno-Etiquette E-mail, Cell Phones & Fax Handling Social
Emergencies Party Entertaining Manners Job Interviews Making a
Great Impression Representing Yourself in a Business Setting
Correspondence and Thank You Notes Finessing The Formal Meal
Photogenic Excellence Stage Presence and Accepting Awards

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Teaching Morals, Values, and the Art of Good Manners