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Learn the Secrets of Conducting Yourself with Dignity, Confidence, Charm and the Polish of Todays Savvy Executive.

Dine with Ease Improve your Dining Skills Never be Nervous Again!

Session I

Effective Introductions ~Forms of Address ~ Proper Handshakes ~ Remembering Names ~ Speaking in Public with Ease ~ Conversational Skills ~ Making and Entrance ~ Working a Room ~ Rising to the Occasion ~ How to Meet, Greet and Treat your Clients ~ Business Card Protocol ~ Protocol in the Workplace ~ Office Etiquette Dos & Donts ~ Dressing for Success ~ Board Room & Meeting Etiquette ~ Techno-Etiquette: E-mail, Voice-mail, Cell Phone, Beepers, and Fax.

Session II

Dine Like A Diplomat ~ American and Continental Styles of Eating ~ Navigating the Place Setting ~ Multi-Course Tutorial Dinner from the Fruit Bowl to the Finger Bowl ~ The  65 Rules of Dining Survival ~ Eating Difficult Foods and Handling Social & Dining Emergencies ~ Host, Hostess and Guest Duties ~ Combining Meals with Business ~ Business Entertaining Savvy ~Dos and Donts of the Office Party ~ Receiving Lines.

Investment: $250.00 Includes 7 Hours of Etiquette Instruction,
6 Course Tutorial Dinner and 50 Page Workbook

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