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We take photos during the week to present during the graduation for our parents and sometimes to feature on our website or brochures. Occasionally a local newspaper or news station asked to feature our camp in their paper or news show. May we use your permission for your child's photo to be featured on our web site or printed brochure?

You may also enroll by phone by calling 407-421-2481


THE ACADEMY'S BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS are aligned with Christ-like character traits, such as obedience, self-control, kindness, and patience. Students not adhering to these standards may be asked to withdraw from the program. I HEREBY REQUEST that my son/daughter be admitted to The First Academy Summer Program and authorize the staff to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention, for which I shall pay.

Make checks payable to Academy of Etiquette, and write "Summer Etiquette Camp" in the memo blank. Fee must be paid in full for registration to be accepted. Remember to mark your calendar and keep a photocopy of your camp registration form for your records. Please use a separate registration form for each child registering.

Credit Card Enrollment can be Faxed.

Please Make Checks Payable to Academy of Etiquette

*Photocopy completed form for your records. Space is limited, so return this form with the required registration fee. Complete a separate form for each child; please photocopy this registration form as needed. Registration is due 3 weeks before each specific camp begins. Late registrations will be accepted, space permitting.

If cancellations are made prior to 4 weeks before start of specific camp, parent will only receive a 50% refund of camp fee. If parent cancels camp after 4 weeks prior to start of specific camp, there are no refunds. Call Julie Dern at 407-884-4130 for additional information regarding Summer Camp. A detailed letter and map will be mailed to you 2-3 weeks before the camp.

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