Our Teen Curriculum Series

Teen I, Teen II, and Teen III – $2699.00

(ages 11-18)

~ Curriculum Description ~

The Teen Etiquette Instructional Program offers you three curriculums in one, giving you hours of materials to teach several sessions of classes. It also gives you plenty of fun-filled interactive activities and more then enough teaching material to teach a full week of Summer Etiquette Camps for teens. These classes and camps can offer much profit to your etiquette business.

Etiquette Instruction for 20-25 hours of classes. This class series is designed to give each student Workbook Materials, multitudes of interactive activities, a Multi-Course Tutorial Dinner and Award of Completion. Teen Curriculum includes teaching instruction, teacher’s manual, student’s workbook, DVDs, marketing materials and much, much more. This class teaches social, business, and dining skills and is designed to be taught at a restaurant setting or where food service or catering is available.

Teen Etiquette I – (ages 11-18)

Making Friends Easily ~ Conversational & Communication Skills ~ Impressive Telephone Manners ~ How to Make Proper Social and Business Introductions ~ Proper Handshakes ~Avoiding Peer Pressure ~ First Impressions ~ Posture ~ Eye Contact ~ Meeting, Greeting and Treating Others ~ Choosing Good Friends ~ Speaking in Public without being Nervous ~ Dining Survival ~ Restaurant Dining Savvy ~ American & Continental Styles of Eating ~ Dining with Ease ~Eating Difficult Foods ~Navigating the Place Setting ~ The 65 Table Manners ~ Utensil Placement ~ Napkin Procedures ~ Seating Procedures ~ Tipping and Restaurant Service Protocol ~ Toasting Etiquette and Honoring Guests ~ Body Language in at the Table and in Public Places ~ Respecting Parents and God’s Other 9 Rules

Teen Etiquette II – (ages 11-18)

Movie and Theater Etiquette ~ Friendship and Family Relationships ~ Forming Good Habits ~ Making Good Choices ~Positive Popularity ~ Poise, Grooming, and Hygiene ~ Dating Etiquette & Meeting Parents with Ease ~ Host & Guest Duties ~ Leaving and Receiving Messages ~ Remembering Names ~ Travel Etiquette ~ The Etiquette of Being a Guest in Other’s Homes ~ Babysitting Tips ~ Dress Codes and Wardrobe Know How ~ Oriental Dining and Tea Etiquette ~ Eating with Chopsticks ~ Good Nutrition ~ Flag Etiquette ~ Etiquette in Public Buildings ~ Techno-Etiquette – E-mail, Cell Phones & Fax

Teen Etiquette III – (ages 11-17)

School, Church and Meeting Manners ~ Handling Social Emergencies ~ Parties & Entertaining ~ Job Interviews ~ Business Invitations ~ Leadership Skills ~ Setting Goals and Keeping Them ~ Avoiding Discrimination ~ The Art of Small Talk and Conversation ~ Job Interviews ~ Business Dress Protocol ~ On the Job Etiquette ~ Networking and Representing Yourself in a Business Setting ~ Correspondence and Thank You Notes ~ Finessing The Formal Meal ~ Photogenic Excellence ~ Stage Presence and Accepting Awards ~ Possessing a Positive Attitude
The Etiquette of Social Networking