Business, Social, and Dining Etiquette Curriculum

Adult Etiquette Curriculum – $2699.00

(ages 18+)

~ Curriculum Description ~ 

A seven to twelve hour program including a power point. This program can be highly profitable for your business. It can be taught for 1/2 day programs, full day programs, or a series of seminars. This curriculum can be divided into business/social etiquette seminars or dining etiquette seminars. This curriculum includes a Teaching Manual, Student Sample Workbook, DVD, 2 Power Point Programs for Business and Dining Etiquette, Marketing Material, and more.

Curriculum Topics ~

Making First Class Impressions ~ Your Public Image ~ Effective Social and Business Introductions ~ Forms of Address ~ Proper Handshakes ~ Remembering Names ~ Speaking in Public with Ease ~ Conversational Skills ~ Making an Entrance ~ Working a Room ~ Rising to the Occasion ~ How to Meet, Greet and Treat your Clients ~ Business Card Protocol ~ Protocol in the Workplace ~ Office Etiquette Do’s & Don’ts ~ Dressing for Success ~ Board Room & Meeting Etiquette ~ V.I.P. Hospitality Elevator Etiquette ~ Techno-Etiquette: E-mail, Voice-Mail, Cell Phone, Beepers, and Fax ~ Business Correspondence.

Dining like Royalty ~ American and Continental Styles of Eating ~ Navigating the Place Setting ~ Multi-Course Tutorial Dining from the Fruit Bowl to the Finger Bowl ~ The 65 Rules of Dining Survival ~ Eating Difficult Foods and Handling Social & Dining Emergencies ~ Toasting Procedures ~ Entering and Departing a Room ~ Seating Procedures ~ Tipping and Service Etiquette ~ Dos and Don’t of Dining ~ Body Language at the Table ~ Host, Hostess and Guest Duties ~ Combining Meals with Business ~ Business Entertaining Savvy ~ Napkin Etiquette ~ Utensil Placement ~ Do’s and Don’ts of the Office Party ~ The Etiquette of Passing Items at the Table ~ Receiving and Reception Lines~ The Four Steps of Cutting a Cherry Tomato ~ Breaking and Buttering Bread Properly ~ Handling and Holding Utensils Correctly.