I was most pleased with the swift results. My son learned that there was a standard behavior and he has…

Mr. Conlan

My daughter absorbed so much this week. She wants to come back next year!

Ms. Dewitt

I really enjoyed the five course formal meal on Friday. I wish I could eat a five course meal every…

Dylan (age 15)

I started to see immediate results daily from what my daughter learned in the camp. It has build her self…

Mr Thomas

Thank you for teaching me the dos and don’ts to business etiquette.

Kyle (age 12)

I enjoyed learning about job etiquette and the etiquette of the formal meal.

Amanda (age 14)

Julie Dern and the Academy Staff gave us a most impressive seminar. They were able to reach a diverse audience…

Gilbert Knowles, United Negro College Fund

The seminar greatly exceeded my expectations. I gained a wide variety of information during the seminar, particularly in dining etiquette.

Michelle Perry, Career Specialist

I brought members from my marketing team to attend the seminar with me. They have become more motivated and confident…

Jamie Toler, Sweetbay Supermarkets

“I enjoyed the seminar very much and feel like I have gained knowledge that I wish I would have had earlier in my career.”

Chris Morgan, Executive Assistant to the Provost University of Central Florida

I love Etiquette Camp, it is fun and everyone is so nice.

Alexandra (age 7)