Introducing Our Newly Released Etiquette Curriculums

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(The below curriculums are only available to Academy of Etiquette & Protocol Licensed and Certified Instructors)

Bring in Additional Income to Your
Etiquette Business by Offering these Exclusive Programs!


Restaurant & Hotel Staff Training – $2499

Etiquette Protocol, and Guest Relations, Coaching for Resort Hotel Staff and Restaurant Servers. Double or Triple your Yearly Income by offering this training program to every hotel and restaurant in your city!


Wedding Etiquette and Wedding Event Planner – $1550

Bring in additional income while offering Wedding Etiquette Seminars to “Brides to Be” the Wedding Party, and the Family. Prepare families in Etiquette, while they are planning one of the most formal events of their lifetime.


Ballroom Dance Etiquette – $1550

Teach children and teens the lost art of Ballroom Dancing and the Social Etiquette that is required along with it. This can be a very fun and profitable program to offer in your business. Ballroom Dancing is back in style again!


Wine Etiquette – $1550

Offer Wine Etiquette Seminars to Wine Enthusiast once or twice a month at hotels, resorts, country clubs and upscale restaurants. You can also offer your new knowledge as part of your Formal Dining Tutorials.


Dating Etiquette – $1250

for teaching youth groups, sororities, fraternities, and college groups. This is a very fun seminar for college ages students!


Magical Manners – $1550

a newly revised etiquette program for ages 3-5. This program has been widely received and is very age appropriate for teaching basic etiquette and important social skills for little ones just starting out. Parents have been very pleased with this program for their preschoolers. This program is packed with fun-filled activities that will make learning good manners an enjoyable and memorable experience for the younger set. Being additional dollars to your etiquette business by offering this program to all area pre-schools and day cares.


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