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We have licensed instructors teaching our Etiquette Program throughout the US, and abroad. Our instructors are thrilled with their professional and “teacher friendly” curriculums. What makes our programs truly unique is the fact that the content is morally based. We teach the importance of Morals and Values along with the very important skills of Etiquette and Good Manners. Our programs are also designed with many interactive and role playing activities. We make Etiquette Fun! Students enjoy our classes!


Training & Certification

$2699 per student
(For Individual One-On-One Personalized Training Events – additional fees apply)
(Please see current training dates)

We Offer Ready-to-Teach Curriculums

Our Children/s Curriculum Series

Manners I and Manners II $2699.00
(ages 5-10)

Curriculum Description ~

The Childrens Etiquette Instructional Program offers you two curriculums in one, giving you hours of materials to teach several sessions of classes. It also gives you plenty of fun-filled interactive activities and teaching material to teach one full week of Summer Etiquette Camps for children. These classes and camps can offer much profit to your etiquette business.

Etiquette Instruction for 15 20 hours, a 4 5 Course Formal Dining Tutorial, a Formal Tea & Dessert Tutorial, Illustrated Workbook and Award of Completion for each student. Curriculum includes characters, props and activities to coincide with the learning topics. You will receive a teacher’s manual, student’s workbook, DVDs, marketing materials and much, much more. These classes were designed to be taught in both a school classroom, and restaurant setting where food service is available.

Manners I
Host and Guest Manners ~ Proper Greetings & Handshakes ~ Conversational Skills Telephone Manners
Honoring and Obeying Parents and Gods Other 9 Rules ~ Making Friends Easily & Choosing Good Friends ~ Being a Good Friend ~ Party Manners ~ Making Introductions ~ Speaking with Confidence
Church and School Manners ~ Restaurant Manners ~ Table & Dining Manners ~ Utensil Placement
Respectfulness ~ Being a Good Sport ~ Showing Appreciation & Being Thankful ~ Sibling Relationships
Safety & Strangers

Manners II
Setting a Formal Place Setting and Table ~ Eating Most Difficult Foods ~ American & Continental Eating Styles ~ Navigating and Identifying the Place Setting ~ Showing Respect for Others ~ Responding to Invitations ~ Thank You Notes ~ Greeting Others ~ Talking with Adults and the Elderly with Ease ~ Making Formal Introductions ~ Being Courteous to Others ~ Proper Tea Manners ~ Eating a Formal Meal Receiving Awards ~ Patriotic Pride and Flag Etiquette ~ Family Manners ~ Car & Travel Manners ~ Children’s Safety Tips ~ Church & Meeting Manners ~ Guest Manners in Others Homes ~ Formal Napkin Folding ~ The Manners of Gift Giving, and Receiving ~ Packaging the Gift ~ Showing Respect for Others~ Wardrobe Tips ~ Good Grooming Habits


Our Teen Curriculum Series

Teen I, Teen II, and Teen III $2699.00
(ages 11-17)

Curriculum Description ~
The Teen Etiquette Instructional Program offers you three curriculums in one, giving you hours of materials to teach several sessions of classes. It also gives you plenty of fun-filled interactive activities and more then enough teaching material to teach a full week of Summer Etiquette Camps for teens. These classes and camps can offer much profit to your etiquette business.

Etiquette Instruction for 20-25 hours of classes. This class series is designed to give each student Workbook Materials, multitudes of interactive activities, a Multi-Course Tutorial Dinner and Award of Completion. Teen Curriculum includes teaching instruction, teacher’s manual, student’s workbook, DVDs, marketing materials and much, much more. This class teaches social, business, and dining skills and is designed to be taught at a restaurant setting or where food service or catering is available.

Teen Etiquette I (ages 11-17)

Making Friends Easily ~Conversational & Communication Skills ~ Impressive Telephone Manners ~ ~ How to Make Proper Social and Business Introductions ~ Proper Handshakes ~Avoiding Peer Pressure ~ First Impressions ~ Posture ~ Eye Contact ~ Meeting, Greeting and Treating Others ~ Choosing Good Friends ~ Speaking in Public without being Nervous ~ Dining Survival ~ Restaurant Dining Savvy ~ American & Continental Styles of Eating ~ Dining with Ease ~Eating Difficult Foods ~Navigating the Place Setting ~ The 65 Table Manners ~ Utensil Placement ~ Napkin Procedures ~ Seating Procedures ~ Tipping and Restaurant Service Protocol ~ Toasting Etiquette and Honoring Guests ~ Body Language in at the Table and in Public Places ~ Respecting Parents and Gods Other 9 Rules

Teen Etiquette II (ages 11-17)

Movie and Theater Etiquette ~ Friendship and Family Relationships ~ Forming Good Habits ~ Making Good Choices ~ Positive Popularity ~ Poise, Grooming, and Hygiene ~ Dating Etiquette & Meeting Parents with Ease ~ Host & Guest Duties ~ Leaving and Receiving Messages ~ Remembering Names ~ Travel Etiquette ~ The Etiquette of being a Guest in Others Homes ~ Babysitting Tips ~ Dress Codes and Wardrobe Know How ~Oriental Dining and Tea Etiquette ~ Eating with chopsticks ~ Good Nutrition ~ Flag Etiquette ~ Etiquette in Public Buildings ~ Techno-Etiquette E-mail, Cell Phones & Fax

Teen Etiquette III (ages 11-17)

School, Church and Meeting Manners ~ Handling Social Emergencies ~ Parties & Entertaining ~ Job Interviews ~ Business Invitations ~ Leadership Skills ~ Setting Goals and Keeping Them ~ Avoiding Discrimination ~ The Art of Small Talk and Conversation ~ Job Interviews ~ Business Dress Protocol ~ On the Job Etiquette ~ Networking and Representing Yourself in a Business Setting ~ Correspondence and Thank You Notes ~ Finessing The Formal Meal ~ Photogenic Excellence ~ Stage Presence and Accepting Awards ~ Possessing a Positive Attitude


Business, Social, and Dining Etiquette

Adult Etiquette Curriculum $2699.00
(ages 18+)

Curriculum Description ~

A seven to twelve hour program including a power point. This program can be highly profitable for your business. It can be taught for 1/2 day programs, full day programs, or a series of seminars. This curriculum can be divided into business/social etiquette seminars or dining etiquette seminars. This curriculum includes a Teaching Manual, Student Sample Workbook, DVD, 2 Power Point Programs for Business and Dining Etiquette, Marketing Material, and more.

Curriculum Topics ~

Making First Class Impressions ~ Your Public Image ~ Effective Social and Business Introductions ~ Forms of Address ~ Proper Handshakes ~ Remembering Names ~ Speaking in Public with Ease ~ Conversational Skills ~ Making an Entrance ~ Working a Room ~ Rising to the Occasion ~ How to Meet, Greet and Treat your Clients ~ Business Card Protocol ~ Protocol in the Workplace ~ Office Etiquette Dos & Donts ~ Dressing for Success ~ Board Room & Meeting Etiquette ~ V.I.P. Hospitality Elevator Etiquette ~ Techno-Etiquette: E-mail, Voice-Mail, Cell Phone, Beepers, and Fax ~ Business Correspondence.
Dining like Royalty ~ American and Continental Styles of Eating ~ Navigating the Place
Setting ~ Multi-Course Tutorial Dining from the Fruit Bowl to the Finger Bowl ~ The 65 Rules
of Dining Survival ~ Eating Difficult Foods and Handling Social & Dining Emergencies ~
Toasting Procedures ~ Entering and Departing a Room ~ Seating Procedures ~ Tipping and Service
Etiquette ~ Dos and Dont of Dining ~ Body Language at the Table ~ Host, Hostess and Guest Duties ~ Combining Meals with Business ~ Business Entertaining Savvy ~ Napkin Etiquette ~ Utensil Placement
Dos and Donts of the Office Party ~ The Etiquette of Passing Items at the Table ~ Receiving and Reception Lines~ The Four Steps of Cutting a Cherry Tomato ~ Breaking and Buttering Bread Properly ~ Handling and Holding Utensils Correctly.

Most Programs are Ready-to-Ship!


Summer Camp Program

(ages 5-18)

(This program is complimentary when all other AEP Curriculums are purchased together, (ex. Childrens Curriculums, Teen Curriculums, Adult Curriculum, and Tea Curriculums). The Preschool Curriculum, does not have to be purchased to receive this complementary program.)

Program Description ~

This is not a curriculum, but a program guide with themes, daily schedules, letters, samples, supplies, expense sheets, and everything you need to profit big and run your camps successfully we have done all the work for you! You will need to purchase the children and teen curriculums to run a full week-long summer camp program. Curriculums must be purchased before or at the same time that you purchase the Summer Camp Program. You will receive schedules, themes, activities, check lists, marketing material, resources, props, games, DVDs, and class supplies to run your summer camp program successfully and profitably. A.E.P. provides unlimited telephone and email support.


Tea Etiquette Program

(for all ages)

Curriculum Description ~

Begin teaching tea seminars today! Add additional profit to your business! Offer tea instruction to mother & daughter groups, churches, preschools, private and public schools, business professionals, country clubs, resorts, hotels, tea rooms, restaurants, debutantes, birthday parties, Red Hat Society,
sororities, bridal parties, and more! Our tea etiquette program provides you with commentary, history, numerous themes, a resource guide, a marketing manual, supplies, and the instruction of taking tea for you to teach a successful tea tutorial to your students.

Curriculum Includes ~

Types Of Tea ~ Tea Service ~ Tea Gatherings ~ Tea Etiquette and Tutorial Instruction
Copy-Ready Informational Workbooks for Students ~ Facts On Tea History and Tea Health ~ Tea Recipes and Menu Suggestions ~ 40 Ready-To-Use Unique Tea Party Themes ~ Tea Around The World ~ Description of Tea Accessories ~ Brewing and Making a Cup Of Tea ~ Tea Rituals ~ Tea Customs and Ceremonies ~ Tea Trivia ~ Teaching Tea Techniques ~ Popularization of Tea ~ Business Tea ~ Tea Settings ~ Tea Glossary ~ Tea Etiquette Games ~ Props for Themes ~ Student Awards and Prizes ~ Ongoing Support from the Academy ~ 34 Piece Tea Set ~ Tea Impedimenta and Accouterments ~ Inspirational Tea Resource Book ~ Marketing Ideas and Samples ~ Tea Activity Booklet, and more!


Additional Curriculums Available for Purchase

Bring in Additional Income to Your
Etiquette Business by Offering these Exclusive Programs!

(The below curriculums are only available to Academy of
Etiquette & Protocol Licensed and Certified Instructors)

  • Restaurant & Hotel Etiquette Training Etiquette Coaching for Hotel Staff and Restaurant Servers $2599
  • Wedding Etiquette $1550
  • Ballroom Dance Etiquette $1250
  • Wine Etiquette $1250
  • Dating Etiquette for teaching youth groups, sororities, fraternities, and college groups $750
  • Celebrity Etiquette & Pageantry Coaching preparing the student to wear the crown. coaching students for a V.I.P. lifestyle, stage protocol, beauty pageants, debutantes, botillions, homecoming courts, proms. -$1250
  • Little Chefs School of Etiquette teaching cooking and culinary skills with etiquette $1250

$100 off when purchasing 3 or more curriculums

Curriculums must be pre-ordered in advance


Preschool Manners $1550
(ages 3-5)

Curriculum Description ~

This curriculum provides 4 Hour of Etiquette Instruction designed specifically for preschoolers ages 3-5 years old. Class is to be taught in 2 sessions of 2 hours each. This class is designed for the Pre-School age student, teaching very simple but, important Manner Skills with Interactive Fun Role-Playing Activities. This class makes Learning Etiquette Fun! Children will gain a solid foundation in etiquette education with this beginning manners class. Etiquette education builds confidence and leadership skills. Teaching Manual, Sample Students Workbook, Characters, Props, and Video are included in curriculum.

Preschool Curriculum Topics ~

Playing Fair ~ Polite Words ~ Respecting Others ~ Sharing ~ Addressing Others
Eating Neatly ~ Kindness and Courtesy ~ Table Dos & Don’t ~ Making Friends
Home and School Manners ~ Party Manners ~ Conversational Courtesies
Setting a Simple Place Setting ~ Self Discipline ~ Cleaning Up after Ourselves
Table Talk ~ Family Values


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