Comments from a few of our Licensed and Certified Instructors

“I enjoyed every minute of the training. I look forward to coming back for a reunion! I was very impressed when I received my programs. The curriculum has been time tested to make classes run smoothly and efficiently. I like that it is Biblically based!” Jo Ellison, Austin Texas


Attending the training was one of the best experiences of
my life! The knowledge that I received through the training
has boosted my self esteem significantly. I loved the fact that we were trained in a small group setting. I felt like I received one on one training.” Janice Schmidt, Minnesota Academy of Essential Etiquette


“Prior to the training, I felt intimidated and insecure about teaching. The training gave me the push I needed to properly and successfully launch my business. I left the training supercharged! When I received my programs before the training, I was very impressed with the professional content and packaging. The curriculum is fun, easy to teach, and provides students with current and correct information. I absolutely love my new business!”
Neena Demby, The Delaware Academy of Etiquette & Protocol


“All of the information throughout the seminar was highly
beneficial. We benefited most from the experience of teaching an actual children’s class, experiencing the seven course dining tutorial, and the valuable knowledge received from the marketing strategy session. We left the seminar with a wealth of information. Our heads were bursting with new knowledge! Thank you Julie for offering a quality seminar and a well developed curriculum!”
Jennifer and Brian Kress, New York Etiquette & Protocol Academy


My training experience was wonderful! I left feeling very confident about starting my own business successfully. Julie Dern is genuinely interested in my success in the etiquette arena. I feel I can talk to her about my business anytime for continued support. Thank you for making the road to starting my etiquette business so easy! Tia Young, Tampa Etiquette Academy, T.E.A.

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Professional Photography by Allan Saltman,
Saltman Images ~Orlando, Florida